Friday, May 6, 2011

Super Smart Company Car( one man build )

No I am not trying to compete with West Coast Customs but the great thing about my job, is my job.

My boss challenges me with some really great things and this Smart car was one of them! The company owns the Smart...and Robert wanted it to look Mad Max Smart! So he asked me to come up with a design scheme kind of like the Rally Fighter I did and paint vinyl wrap! So since We are in post production of Spy Kids 4 I could only dedicate nights and weekends to it.. just myself! after couple of weeks this is what I have! added Tron LED's in the wheel wells, fog lights and 2 rear spoilers...custom fabricated, also custom fab the side vents and gas cap. The pics are the work in progress and the final build pretty pics! Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

Alex, love it! Keep entering the Local Motors competitions! Keep up the good work... Hope we run into each other again soon!

Ford Smith
Local Motors