Thursday, January 8, 2015


I do not usually make comments on world news but in the wake of the Paris shootings at the Charlie Hebdo satirical paper.. I will voice couple comments from the perspective of someone in the art world. Someone smarter than myself said: "Words have does Silence".
Art, music, poetry, prose, political commentary, satire and ideas in general must not be allowed to be silenced.  Silence allows tyranny! For those who feel that their politics, religion, social status, race or culture is above criticism or satire ..Please step into the 21st century.. Humanity has sent men to the moon, descended into the depths of the oceans and broke the speed of sound.. your mentality needs to step into modern times. Say NO to ALL CENSURE. Be open to all ideas for betterment of all humanity not just your cause.
 I am Charlie! Soy Charlie! Sunt Charlie! Je suis Charlie!

Create! Voice and Open up the world's eyes with ideas! Do Not Be Intimidated! Silence has far worst consequences than words.. think about that for a moment!