Friday, March 11, 2011

Rally Fighter and Me (I)

I had the privilege of designing the paint job for this really cool super car that my Jeffe had custom built by Local Motors in Phoenix AZ. It's called the Rally Fighter, brand new Corvette engine, too many cool things to mention and I designed the paint scheme that went on the vinyl skin. Check it out and check out the license plate I made this morning complete with bullet holes ( real bullet holes from a 25ACP and a 380 Auto). I need to thank God more often...I have the coolest job and  coolest Boss!!! Enjoy the pics! and Yes I know the fat guy ( me ) ruins the picture of the cool car! I should photoshop myself out or post another picture! :)

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Anonymous said...

hey man, I've seen way fatter people in my life, and hey if you can do a bada$$ paint job and licence plate like that then you really don't have to worry about a thing, haha