Thursday, September 16, 2010

Predators Ship Maquette

Here is the Predator Ship maquette I've built for the production. This is the final ship as seen in the movie. about a week( 20 or so hours of print on the BST 1200) worth of prep and work not counting the design process or the building of it in 3D (XSI).
There is another maquette of a ship, an earlier incarnation (slimmer, longer,sexier with no rear engines) that I will post tomorrow. I hope you like it.. Enjoy!


Dennis said...

Thanks for these pictures. The Ship looks great. So it was the Ship of the Super Predators and not of the Classic Predator?

Skeins Design said...

Ship looks great! Great movie!

Are you going to make copies and sell the kit of the ship in the near future?

I know alot of us would be interested in this.

toads said...

to Dennis: yes this was a Super Predator Ship. Thank you for your kind comments.

to Squid: Thank you for your comment.
Unfortunately there is no plan for a kit at this time.


Kurisama said...

Dude, after I saw the movie I just HAD to know more - loved the design from what little was seen in the movie. Thanks to my googling powers I came across ur site - so glad I did, love the ship designs!!! Are you planning on releasing any more early concept or design studies of the ship???

Unknown said...


Is there a 3D Print Model for this ship to be used for a printer machine?