Monday, August 9, 2010

Even More Predators Art

So here are some more Predators concepts I did and a nice set picture of the Dog Handler Predator and me! I am 6'3" and look how big the Predator is next to me
his claws are as big as my fingers! I designed his costume.. KNB guys built it! I have also posted some hound ideas i did but got rejected over a scarier design that Chris O. did. Predator "berserker" face ideas that I explored.
Also the some early predator designs..a red skinned Predator ( in an early draft of the script the "prey" traverse a desert section of the preserve where they get stalked by a different looking Pred.) the one in the middle is my version of a female predator(I know.. kind of silly).
Also the Predator ship...that I designed, modeled and textured. Soon I will post some early designs and maquettes I built of the ship. Enjoy! and THANK YOU to all of you that left me the kind comments!!!


Anonymous said...

fantastic stuff. since i saw it in theatres i've been looking for a good pic of the ship so i could make out all the details. love the elbow blades on the costume concepts too. always wanted to see a pred with something like that.

Grinderman said...

Great stuff! I want more :)

Kaek said...

Awesome stuff, i love the alien fauna :), great desings!!!